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'Zane and Zee <3

RP Couples

All of Me by The-Zombie-CatRoom 1248 by The-Zombie-CatRulers of the Rot by The-Zombie-CatDo I Wanna Know? by The-Zombie-CatKiss Me by The-Zombie-CatAs You Go by The-Zombie-CatTrust Me - Collab by The-Zombie-CatI Know You Have a Heart... by The-Zombie-CatJust As Fun by The-Zombie-CatAT - Yoink! by The-CerzzSilver Lining by The-Zombie-CatHard Cider and Soft Sweaters - Colored Sketch by ParaspritefulCouples - Kale and Valeah by The-Zombie-CatRings- Colored Commission Collab by ParaspritefulCommission Collab - Xandra and Wolfe by The-CerzzCouples - Madder and Tonik by The-CerzzCelia and Kil'sha- Colored Commission Collab by ParaspritefulCouples - Callous and Xylia by The-Zombie-CatCollab - Beautiful in the Sunset by The-CerzzCouples Bossa and Vyxin by The-Cerzz Winter in the Tower by The-CerzzCouples - Discord and Ayiana by The-CerzzColored Commission: Jinxxi And Kal by ParaspritefulCouples - Acerbus and Mei Lang by The-CerzzCouples - MendedDrum and Evangelin by The-Zombie-CatCouples - Seti and Rosalean by The-Zombie-CatCollab - Push Me Away by The-CerzzBcIHAF -2- Nightbayne and Annikah by The-CerzzCouples - Tacoon and Maska by The-CerzzCouples - Valcan and Keket by The-Zombie-CatCouples - Drayke and Flump by The-CerzzCouples - Soltash and Sanguine by The-Cerzz Brea And Sera- Collab by ParaspritefulCouples - Stythian and Zelah by The-Zombie-Cat




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Commission requests through notes please and thank you.

"Free" Art Opportunities

I have my next Kiriban set for 150,000 page views. Keep an eye out and catch and note me a screenshot to win a free picture!


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Alewandz Featured By Owner 4 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Psst! Sorry to bother you, just thought of a few more songs you might enjoy/like for RP characters..… (Sleeping at Last - Saturn. It's a bit slow, but it makes me shiver every time once the vocals settle in!)… (Birdy - Not About Angels)… (Christina Perri - Sea of Lovers. Might fit a cutesy romantic couple. :> )… (Armchair Cynics - Bang. Kinda random, but it's a bit up-beat and might be something you like!)… (Demon Hunter - Carry Me Down. Kinda sad vent song, some of their other stuff is really good too!)

Apologies about the spam, just had a few songs I felt like sharing. :> I've probably listed one or two before..
No need to respond to this BTW, just wanted to link them before I forgot the ones I had mentally written down. :D Hope you're feeling alright and having a good day!
Riekeo Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist General Artist
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moonbound92 Featured By Owner 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Have you seen this one? XD  Giggle
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constantie Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I wonder who of your characters you would draw if you where to listen "Bodies" by Drowning Pool :P
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Paraspriteful Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I had to share this awesomeness with you.
I totally flailed, and sobbed and drooled and died ::3

flail plz Happy Tears :iconnghplz::iconimdeadplz:

Icky By Plusdanshi by Paraspriteful  

*hubband feels*
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