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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 15, 2014, 2:27 AM
Alrighty I think I got all the info I needed for this :) It has been decided amongst yourselves upon majority vote that you guys wanted a contest, let me know what prizes you were hoping for, and what kind of contest you even wanted, so here we go!

OC-Meet Contest

Draw/write one or more of your OCs meeting one or more of mine! simple, right?


  • Obviously must include one of my personal OCs
  • All or most of my OC's details must be correct. you may put them in different clothing, change their hairstyle, anything within reason. DO NOT put them in something they wouldn't wear/is not their style/is a color they despise, or give them like a big floppy ponytail if they otherwise have short hair (use common sense. you may not -change- my character, but putting personal touches is welcome :)). When I say details, I mean hair and skin color, markings, and any piercings/tattoos that would be showing :)
  • You must get my character's personality as correct as you possibly can. This is what the contest is based mostly around. Do not make them do something they wouldn't otherwise do, unless you draw their appropriate reaction to being forced to do that thing, as well
  • contest entries must at least have flat colors, be it digital or traditional work. Written entries, which I am cautiously accepting, bust have a legitimate interaction, a description, a plot point, and an outcome. I'm going to be much more strict with written entries, because words are limitless
These may help you guys out:…
But I will not answer any questions about character personality/how they would react. That is part of the contest :)


First Place:
  • Full body cell shaded picture by me (one character)
  • Half body cell shaded picture by me (up to three characters)
  • Cell Shaded portrait by me (one character)
  • One clothing/armor design by me (flat colors)
  • 3 WMV Stickers or One Sketched Portrait by :iconparaspriteful:
  • Half body picture by :iconthe-cerzz:
  • WMV edit or small written piece from :iconthe-serene-mage:
  • Half body picture by :iconasheydoo:
  • Half Body Picture by :iconxeu-seung:
  • Full body colored lineart by :icondark-edyn:
Second Place:
  • Full body, Flat colored picture by me (one character)
  • Half body Sketch (one character)
  • Flat Colored Portrait by me (two characters, but they will be separate pictures)
  • one clothing/armor design by me (uncolored)
  • 2 WMV Stickers by :iconparaspriteful:
  • Shaded Bust Picture by :iconasheydoo:
  • half body colored lineart by :icondark-edyn:
Third Place:
  • Full Body, Flat colored picture by me (one character)
  • Portrait Sketch (one character)
  • 1 WMV Sticker by :iconparaspriteful:
  • Bust Sketch by :iconasheydoo:
  • colored bust by :icondark-edyn:
Honorable Mention:
  • Portrait Sketch (one character)
  • bust sketch by :iconasheydoo:
  • half body sketch by :icondark-edyn:

 Due Date

I hate that phrase, but there has to be a due date. The contest begins now and last day i will be accepting entries is September 1st
at which point I will take a few days judging and, depending on how many written submissions I have to read through (which obviously take more time) I should be announcing winners by Sept. 5th :) 


Entries will be put into this journal, both so i can keep track of how many I have, and because it looks neat to have them all together :3 therefor, Entries obviously must be uploaded to DA. Send links to me please, I'm -terrible- at returning watches so I might miss some entries if I don't have you on my watch list ^^;

Contest entry: I just met you and I love you by HiramanaContest entries.... by Shadowflame669Entry 1 by Asheydoo Contest Entry - Deals of A Different KindBrawler's Guild. Orgrimmar. Full of blood lust and dirty deals. Within the centre of a the open topped building stood an arena where the so-called 'brawling' was done. Not the type of place you'd think to find a glamorous little gobette but this little lady had reason to be here.
Miss Kizzih Mortinca Coppernickle was the name of this wealthy young female goblin and her attire showed it. She was wearing a long aqua blue dress, covered in sequins and rather low in the neckline, emphasising her cleavage. Upon her tiny feet were a pair of kitten heeled sandals, silver in their colouration and around her shoulders was a faux-fur shrug, white in colour. She pushed her way through the doors to the arena, receiving salutes from the orc grunts on either side of the door.
Clearly having a daddy who owned and sold oil all over Azeroth has it's advantages. She eyed the arena  before she let out a sigh. Her choice of clothing wasn't exactly suitable for this sort of place.  This young lad
Lunaire and Stormy by Dark-Edyn A Whole New World“Well...what have we here, hmm?”
What had once been a rather blase day, with an almost sickening amount of normality, had become...interesting.  
Focusing her almost blindingly green-and-yellow optics on the enormous stone archway in front of her, Vyxin slowly climbed up the small, yet steep set of stairs that lead to the dark, rectangular vortex.  She had heard about these dimensional gateways, or something like them.  They were supposed to be a kind of 'tunnel' between the worlds of Azeroth and Draenor, where the alien race of the Draenei originated from.  However, she was sure there were only four, in several fixed points throughout the world.  She had never heard of this one before.
Once she got to the top of the stairs and was within arm's reach of the portal, Vyxin reached out a gloved hand and slowly, gently trailed the tips of her delicate fingers across it.  The faintest ghost of a flinch could be seen by her 'trusty' imp familiar as h

LOOK at all these fabulous volunteer prizes!!! You guys are all so so kind for offering work as prizes thank you all so much this is turning out to be rather epic! :iconlawooplz:

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