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Feb 12, 2016
5:54 am
Feb 12, 2016
3:34 am
Feb 12, 2016
2:53 am
Feb 12, 2016
12:06 am
Feb 11, 2016
11:31 pm
because Cerzz jsut reminded me. I'm being overly cautious because it's a new site and I'm not 100% on everything yet so I have a lot of stuff tagged off as nsfw, including my entire 'characters' section of profiles lol so if you guys are able/of age and such I just thought I should let everyone know <3

k guys I'm back for the sole reason of collecting my gallery, keeping my username safe, and writing this journal here

I'm moving my gallery over to the site, Weasyl from here on out

for the best for several reasons. the most obvious of which being this site being utter shit and things becoming too stressful and the people too volatile in different ways for me to want to deal with it anymore

I do have to say i enjoy the 'new' site better both with the way it's set up and especially with it's safety features
speaking of, I have my profile set to private. no one will be able to see it unless I approve them as a friend

judging what's happened on this site, if anyone wants to switch over and follow me on Weasyl I will need a note here on DA from your account here to verify your username over there. I won't be accepting any friends requests without that verification, and my art and character won't be visible to anyone without said 'friend' status so.. yep

my username is the same over there as it is over here ( The-Zombie-Cat )

anyway all, as I said before, most of you have been wonderful and of course I don;t expect anyone to up and leave this site or follow me to a new one but I was jsut putting the info out there in case any of you had a care to :3
thank (most of) you guys for all your love and support, please know I appreciated you and still do, I just can't stay on this site anymore


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Silverkittykat Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2016
It's great to see you back! Every time I see your artwork I get a little joy in my heart to see what you have wonderfully created.
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Xeu-Seung Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know its hard for you right now hun, we all love ya and your art so much. To lose you from the community would be a huge blow there are barely any decent people around here. I hope that things get better for you <3
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deathlover2006 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
So glad to see you back Hun! -hugs for all-Hug 
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Nysela Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2016
So glad you're back, Zee! *Huggles*
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